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Reader Testimonials

How 24/6 Influenced Stanford Professors Life

It has been so great to hear from so many readers on how 24/6 has impacted them. Here are some people's stories told through blog posts, instagram posts, school projects, and more!


JD Schramm, lecturer and founder of the Mastery in Communication Initiative at Stanford's Graduate School of Business, spoke at Unity San Francisco on "Causing Peace by Pausing Tech" and his enlightening experience taking a Tech Shabbat inspired by Tiffany Shlain's book, 24/6.


Claire Schouela, a 7th grader at W.H. Modern Public School in Ontario, Canada, conducted a school project inspired by Tiffany Shlain's book, 24/6. Claire had a group of participants track the benefits of being off all screens a day a week for a few weeks, and she presented the results to her class.

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Daimler Partners wrote a blog post on connecting, mindfulness, and technology citing 24/6. Here is an excerpt from the post.

"During my breakup with social media, I was fortunate enough to hear Tiffany Shlain speak about her new book, 24/6 and how she does a digital shabbat with her family every Friday. She talked about how we are all overstimulated and in a constant state of want. Suicide rates have doubled since the iPhone came out, while mental health issues in general are also increasing. This isn’t just about creating more space in our lives. This is about an epidemic that is negatively impacting all of us."

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