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CNET: Take control of the devices that have taken control of you


Indigo Books chooses 24/6 for their top 10 books for 2019

Book Authority “#1 Best New Tech Book To Read In 2020”

Harvard Business Review “In Praise of Being Unproductive"

The Washington Post “How taking a break from tech for Shabbat brought new purpose to this Internet pioneer’s life”

The Washington Post "'Screen time' has gone from sin to survival tool"


The Boston Globe “The Case for a Tech Shabbat in a Too-connected World” 

Tiffany's Op-ed  PDF of article

Variety "Museum of Modern Art’s Doc Fortnight Lineup Includes ‘Crip Camp,’ ‘Some Kind of Heaven’"

Chicago Tribune "24 hours, no screens. Could you give up tech for one day each week?" 

DOLCE “From the Age of Reason to the Age of Distraction” 

Thrive Global "Waking Up Extra Early Helps This Entrepreneur Be More Productive At Work"

WIRED Magazine “Work Smarter: Webby Awards founder Tiffany Shlain explains why she and her roboticist husband go tech-free one day a week”

M.M. LaFleur The Creator of the Internet’s Biggest Awards Regularly Turns Off Her Phone

Refinery29 “The Best Books of September 2019 Really Are The Best"

Early Learning Nation “Tiffany Shlain's Vision for Building Community"

"The easiest way to describe her is to say she’s a documentary filmmaker, but her prolific output feels less like a set of discrete productions and more like a single evolving project, ruminating on an interconnected set of themes, which boil down to technology (“What do you amplify and what do you amputate?” she asks; by the way, she founded the Webby Awards); and creative process at it is revealed through neuroscience."  

—  Early Learning Nation, Mark Swartz 


Forbes “8 Reasons Why You Should Unplug One Day A Week”

Mashable “Screenless Sundays or Tech Shabbat? Time to add one (or both) to your life.”

Marin Magazine “Conversation with Tech Innovator and Mother Tiffany Shlain” — PDF of article

Marin Independent Journal “Put down your phone and be here now” 


NPR Morning Edition "A family finds a way to wean themselves from devices"

Thrive Global "Media That Matters to Add to Your #MustList"

Jewish News Syndicate “Why I think everyone should experience a 'Tech Shabbat'”

Jewish Book Council “‘Mak­ing an Ancient Rit­u­al Work’: A Con­ver­sa­tion Between Beth Rica­nati and Tiffany Shlain”

The Jerusalem Post “Can Shabbat become a tool to improve human-technology relationship?”

Wait Until 8th “24/6: The Power of Turning off All Screens as a Family One Day a Week”

Religion News Service “Tiffany Shlain wants to bring Shabbat to 21st century by resting from tech”

Sunset “The Unplugged Home”

Forbes “5 Ways To Rethink Your Relationship To Social Media And Reclaim Your Time”

Science & Film: Labocine The Work of Tiffany Shlain”

The J Weekly “Looking into the Future With Tiffany Shlain”

Refinery29 “The Women’s History Narrative we Never Talk About”

Jeducation World “Character Day 2019 Launches A Global Technology Shabbat Movement”

British Airways “British Airways Highlights Film Director Tiffany Shlain”

SouthWest Airlines Magazine profiles Tiffany Addiction to the internet has put humans in a ‘Frankenstein moment,’ Sundance speaker says

The J Weekly ‘We are unstoppable’: Planned Parenthood video from Tiffany Shlain

Awesome List “Tiffany Shlain Talks Character Day, Mompreneurship And a Life In Tech”

Mill Valley Film Festival Profile “Tiffany Shlain – Storyteller”

The Hindu “Losing signal: on finding peace by ditching the smartphone”

Media Post “Webby Awards Founder Tackles Gender”

NPR Interview  “Tiffany Shlain & The 50/50 Day Push for WorldWide Gender Equity”

The Forward “Gender Equality Going Coast to Coast”

Refinery29 “This Director Has The Plan to Keep International Women’s Day Energy Alive”

All Things Connected “Radio Interview on 50/50 Day”

Art Publika Magazine “Internet Advocate Tiffany Shlain Talks Cloud Films and the Art of Connecting People”

The What “Friend of the Week: Tiffany Shlain”

GrokNation “Barbie, Jewish Identity and Films That Create Conversation”

Gratitude Revealed “Focus, Moxie and Effective Change in the World”

Fashion Designer BCBG profiles Tiffany

Forbes Podcast Interview “9 Ways to get Crazy Productive and Find Your Real Power”

CineSource  “Tiffany Shlain: Webmaster, Alt-Filmer or Philosopher” 

HuffPost Live “Tiffany Shlain At The 2015 World Economic Forum”

The Project for Women “The New Influencer’s”




In today’s day and age there is a lot of noise, and it is unrelenting. Sometimes that noise bubbles to a decibel that drowns out common sense (the latest election being a case in point); rationale becomes muted, an iPhone alert in a room of grandfather clocks. To make oneself heard, one must be tactical, entering into the noise sideways, capturing attention by virtue of being different. Read More

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On Being with Krista Tippett - We’ve been enmeshed with our technologies. Tech Shabbat for everyone?

Design Matters with Debbie Millman “Tiffany Shlain”

Cool Tools with Kevin Kelly and Mark Frauenfelder


















The Next Billion Seconds with Mark Pesce "Day of Rest with Tiffany Shlain"

On Being Interview “Growing Up The Internet”

Book Nook "24/6: The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week, by Tiffany Shlain"

Call Your Mother "Unplugged"

Sex with Emily "Turning Off to Get Turned On with Tiffany Shlain"


Team Human "'Unplugging One Day a Week' + Tribute to Paul Krassner"

Inflection Point "Tiffany Shlain on achieving 50/50 equality"


Wired “It's Time to Put Down Your Phone”

The Brian Lehrer Show “Digital Day of Rest”

Free Forum with Terrence McNally​ “Tiffany Shlain - 24/6: The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week”

Moms Don't Have Time to Read Books​ “Tiffany Shlain, 24/6: THE POWER OF UNPLUGGING ONE DAY A WEEK”

Keen On "Tiffany Shlain on How Unplugging Can Save Society"

Congregation Emanu-El "Tiffany Shlain: The Power of Unplugging"

The JOMOcast with Christina Crook​ “The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week, with Tiffany Shlain”

Judaism Unbound​ “Six Days A Week - Tiffany Shlain”

The Pausecast “Tiffany Shlain Author of 24/6”

Tales of Silicon Valley “The Big Tune Out”

Live Happy “The Power of Unplugging with Tiffany Shlain”

Harvard Business Review Podcast “Building Your Character (at Least for a Day)”

Insights at the Edge “Tiffany Shlain: Taking an Empowered and Creative Towards Technology”

Technology for Mindfulness “Tiffany Shlain, Creator of the 'Technology Shabbat'”

Brand New Ways “28: Emmy-nominated Filmmaker Tiffany Shlain”

Dr. Nancy O'Reilly “Give Your Tech a Day of Rest and Reconnect with Yourself”

Aspiriant's new Money Tales podcast

Inside Journey with Johanna Beyer and Kim Morrow

Aunt Nelly's House with Janelle Burley Hoffman and her sister

On Leadership with Scott Miller "The Power on Powering Down" with Tiffany Shlain

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