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PAUSE Episode: Would You Unplug?

PAUSE Episode: Would You Unplug?

In partnership with One Table, an organization that brings people together of all backgrounds for shabbat, we set out to make two short films about Shabbat, technology, and the pandemic. 


See what Queer Eye’s Tan France; NPR’s All Things Considered’s Ari Shapiro; NY Times bestselling author Roxane Gay, V (formerly Eve Ensler); performers Beanie Feldstein, Shoshana Bean, Adam Chandler-Berat, and Shakina Neyfack; chef Mike Solomonov; and Design Matters podcast host Debbie Millman and Rabbi Sandra Lawson have to say!

PAUSE Episode: Breathing in 2021

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Though 2020 was incredibly hard, there are things that I hope I’ll remember: the value of pausing. Slowing down. Reflecting. Thinking about what really matters. So here is our film. What we learned in 2020 and what we want to bring into 2021! 

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