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From the acclaimed filmmaking team,

comes a new film




directed by Tiffany Shlain

The 10-minute film will be

released on Monday, April 15th



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Directed by Emmy-Nominated director Tiffany Shlain and executive produced by Goldie Hawn and MindUP, The Teen Brain is a 10-minute film that explores what's happening in the teenage brain, illuminating that teenagers are emotionally brilliant super-learners with brains that are undergoing rapid and significant remodeling and development. Based on the latest research on adolescence, and showcasing both teens and doctors and psychologists, The Teen Brain offers tools to stay balanced and navigate the powerful adolescent years.​​


To book a talk with Tiffany Shlain about the film, write to


Goldie Hawn's MindUP program, the executive producer of this film, has recently been highlighted by the CDC for their successful mental health programs for schools. By teaching learners of all ages how to self-regulate emotions and learn about their brain to help them with improved mental health and emotional literacy, MindUP creates a more interconnected and compassionate future for all. Check out their resources for all ages, and email to get your school involved.

"Twenty years ago, I created the MindUP program to help children in schools self-regulate and learn about their brain to help them with improved mental health and emotional literacy for a better future. We were honored to recently be highlighted by the CDC as one of the programs in schools that is working. I have wanted to create a film on the adolescent brain because it’s important for our teens, parents and educators to understand that being a teen is an extraordinary time to be alive. I asked filmmaker Tiffany Shlain to make this film about The Teen Brain as I loved her other films on neuroscience. Tiffany Shlain has brought this dream to life and I am forever grateful for her brilliance. We are both so excited to get these ideas to teens and all the adults who support them. "- Goldie Hawn

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Honored by Newsweek as one of the "Women Shaping the 21st Century," Tiffany Shlain is an artist, Emmy-nominated filmmaker, national bestselling author, and the founder of the Webby Awards. Working across mediums, from sculptures, films, to performance, Shlain's work explores the intersection of feminism, philosophy, technology, neuroscience, and nature.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York premiered her one-woman spoken cinema show, Dear Human, and her recent art exhibition, Human Nature, was presented by the National Women’s History Museum. The centerpiece sculpture , DENDROFEMONOLOGY, A Feminist History Tree Ring, was installed on the National Mall in DC Nov 1-4 and a large-scale photograph of the work was part of the de Young Museum of Fine Arts exhibition.

The Nancy Hoffman Gallery in New York will be presenting her solo exhibition Human Nature Sept 5th, 2024.

Shlain is also creating an exhibition with artist Ken Goldberg for the Getty Museum's Pacific Standard Time: Art & Science Collide art initiative titled Ancient Wisdom for A Future Ecology: Trees, Time & Technology at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles set to open Oct 17th, 2024.

Her awards and distinctions include selection by the Albert Einstein Foundation for their Genius100 list, the Neil Postman Award for Career Achievement in Intellectual Activity, and inclusion in NPR’s list of best commencement speeches. Shlain is known for her dynamic cinematic talk experiences and performs internationally. Her films have had multiple premieres at the Sundance Film Festival, received over 60 awards, and have been shown at US embassies around the world to represent America.


Shlain’s book, 24/6: Giving up Screens One Day a Week to Get More Time, Creativity, and Connection, received the Marshall McLuhan Outstanding Book Award.


Her new film The Teen Brain will be released April 15th, 2024 and is executive produced by Goldie Hawn.


Shlain is represented by Nancy Hoffman Gallery in New York. She has been writing a monthly newsletter Breakfast @ Tiffany's for over 25 years.  @tiffanyshlain

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Tiffany's art has premiered at the Museum of Modern Art New York, the de Young Museum, and on the National Mall in Washington, DC. She has a solo exhibition at Nancy Hoffman Gallery in NYC opening on Sept 5th, 2024 and an exhibition with Ken Goldberg for The Getty Museum's PST Art & Science Collide Initiative opening at the Skirball Cultural Center Oct 17th, 2024 in Los Angeles. Find out more -->


Tiffany & her Let it Ripple Film Studio's films and original series explore a range of topics including neuroscience, feminism, creativity, philosophy and what it means to be human in today's world.  Her films have premiered at Sundance, received 60 awards and are shown at embassies globally.









Do you wish you had more time to do what you love, think deeply, and focus on the people and things that matter most? By giving up screens one day a week for more than a decade, internet pioneer and renowned filmmaker Tiffany Shlain and her family have gained more time, productivity, connection, and presence. Shlain takes us on a thought-provoking and entertaining journey through time and technology, introducing a strategy for flourishing in our 24/7 world. Drawn from the ancient ritual of Shabbat, living 24/6 can work for anyone from any background. With humor and wisdom, Shlain shares her story, offering the accessible lessons she has learned and providing a blueprint for how to do it yourself.  



Included on NPR's list of "Best Commencement Speeches, Ever," Tiffany speaks worldwide and is known for her lively, engaging, visual and interactive talk experiences. 


Webby Awards

In 1996, Tiffany Shlain founded The Webby Awards, the leading international honors for websites ran it for nearly a decade establishing it as "the Oscars of The Internet."

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Tiffany's work as as a artist, author and filmmaker has appeared in all major media outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Art Newspaper, CNN, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Harvard Business Review, and Elle. She has written Op-Eds in The Boston Globe, CNN and Psychology Today.


Tiffany has been writing a monthly newsletter for over 25 years called Breakfast @ Tiffany's that share ideas, projects she is working on and a curated list of art, books, films, podcasts and more. You can read past newsletters here.

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