New 5 min Video on Lessons to Bring from 2020 into 2021

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The new year is bringing promising changes. A vaccine means the end of quarantine is in sight. And though 2020 was incredibly hard, there are things that I hope I’ll remember: the value of pausing. Slowing down. Reflecting. Thinking about what really matters.

In partnership with One Table, an organization that brings people together of all backgrounds for shabbat, and a very talented fellow producer, Broadway’s Adam Kantor, we set out to make a short film and asked interesting culture makers what they had learned this past year. We spoke with Queer Eye’s Tan France; NPR’s All Things Considered’s Ari Shapiro; NY Times bestselling author Roxane Gay, V (formerly Eve Ensler); performers Beanie Feldstein, Shoshana Bean, Adam Chandler-Berat, and Shakina Neyfack; chef Mike Solomonov; and Design Matters podcast host Debbie Millman and Rabbi Sandra Lawson.


So here is our film. What we learned in 2020 and what we want to bring into 2021!
To a year where we have the opportunity to  bring this wisdom forward!